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Movie popcorn calories

The first snack that comes to our mind when we enter a movie hall is definitely popcorn. Popcorn seems to be an integral part of our movie watching routine and one can’t really imagine enjoying a movie without having this delicious and wonderful snack. But what is surprising to know that popcorn entered the movie halls much later after its invention only after the introduction of talking movies. Apart from this, there are a number of interesting facts associated with this snack especially about the popcorn calories. Let us unveil some of the most interesting secrets regarding the movie popcorn calories.

What ther is to know about Cinema Popcorn Calories

There is a lot of difference between air popped popcorns and the movie theatre popcorn which most of the people fail to understand. The former is a low calorie snack that is considered healthy and nutritious for people of all age groups while the latter is high on calories with a considerable amount of sodium and fats in it. The number of movie popcorn calories in a tub-sized container is so much so as to fulfill your entire day’s calorie needs. Thus one must keep a close eye on what one is having in the name of this tasty snack.

There is no doubt that munching popcorn has become all the more a habit now that can’t be shunned off quickly, but if you want to stay healthy while munching this tasty snack then you might have to watch your popcorn servings for sure. There is a variety of option when it comes to popcorn serving sizes available in the movie theatre- small, regular, large and kids. The popcorn calories in a kid’s serving is as low as 300 calories while this value of calories is around 1200 in the large serving without any butter. The number of calories increases by at least 200 when you are buying popcorn with butter.

So now it is crystal clear that a large serving is much more unhealthy and fattening than the small or kids serving. Thus it is imperative for a person on a diet to always go in for a small or kids size serving in order to maintain daily calories intake. For the people who can’t think of anything less than a large serving can do some justice to their health by going in for popcorn without butter as the difference between popcorn with and without butter is around 200-300 calories depending on the material used by a particular movie theatre food chain.


Apart from the calories, the number of carbohydrates and fat content also increase considerably in a large sized serving as compared to the smaller one. While a kids’ sized popcorn has around 25-30 gm of carbohydrates, a large sized serving has 90-100 gm of carbohydrates depending on the serving and material used by various theatres. Fats are undesirable especially when we are talking about saturated ones and it is surprising to know that there is around 80gm of fat in large movie popcorn serving without butter as compared to just 20gm in a small serving.

Thus if your movie seems incomplete without having popcorn, then always try and go in for small sized servings in order to avoid undesirable popcorn calories.


Pop Corncalories

Relinquish High Calorie Count with Healthy Popcorn Servings

Popcorn is one of the most mouth watering eatables you really enjoy eating at home, while moving out with friends and compulsorily when you go out to watch a movie in a theater. You can have air popped ones or even prepare them with a topping of oil or butter with some spicy flavor according to the taste. This kind of formulating popcorn is sold outside movie theaters, parks and other places of visits. While most people like munching them, few really care about their health, watching the food they eat and its impact on the body.

Popcorn Nutrition Facts

Considering the popcorn calories – nutrition facts will give you a fair idea, why it is your ultimate tasty food that will not disturb your weight loss goals. In addition to this, you will also be able to know what preparation method you should consider for your popcorn tub. Here are some vital information about the goodness and nutritional values of popcorn:



Popcorn is low in sugar but have sufficient amount of healthy carbs in them that are easy to digest and keep you energized throughout the day. That means if you are eating air popped popcorn, you are actually gaining more energy without the threat of greater calorie consumption.


The air popped popcorn is the best for your health if you are going through some weight loss program but do not want to sacrifice taste either. Popcorns prepared thus are fat free. However, preparing popcorn in olive or canola oil can be healthy considering the presence of mono as well as polyunsaturated fat that is very good for maintaining a healthy heart. In case you select coconut hydrogenated oil, butter or soya bean oil, then the popcorn calories will be much more compared to the air fried ones.


Popcorn is rich in fiber content that can introduce a healthy bowel movement in you. Those who are suffering from constipation after too much of junk food consumption can regularly eat popcorn without worrying as it will suitable for their system.

Vitamins and Minerals:

There are loads of vitamins and minerals present in popcorn. You can moderate portions of vitamin B, C, and D, E and K in them. As for the minerals, there is an ample quantity of calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and many others present in popcorn that keep the body functioning smoothly. They keep the body cholesterols at bay that is essential to maintain a healthy heart.

The popcorn is free from all kinds of artificial flavor enhancers, sugars, additives, preservatives etc. From the above facts, it is evident that air popped popcorn calories are absolutely healthy for everyone including those with excessive obesity complications. When you have prepared popcorn at home always ensure you do not add much of salt in it as popcorn in already rich in sodium and too much of this concentration can be perilous for the heart. Since there are no harmful additives in them, they are the most natural foods you can eat every day that will keep your stomach full without the risk of high calorie consumption.

Pop Corncalories

Calorie counting time! How many calories does a bowl of caramel popcorn contain?

None can deny that movies in theatre would not have been so entertaining & fun, if it wasn’t for a bucket of popcorns and a cup of cola. A whole grain snack power-packed with fiber content, popcorn definitely is a healthy choice. Especially the basic plain salted ones are super-friendly for the waistline. However the caramel coated ones are no doubt yummylicious but adds empty calories to your snack.
But wait! Have you ever given it a thought, whether this yummylicious snack is good for your health or not, what is the calorie count and what are the related nutritional facts? Pretty sure, you have been ignoring the relevant nutritional aspects while snacking on these popped corns.

Popcorn Nutrition Facts of Caramel Popcorn

To help you learn about the measure of popcorn calories, the table mentioned below describes the calorie count per 1 bowl of popped corns (various flavors).

Description Calorie Count
Cooked in Microwave 23 (twenty three)
Air Popped version 34 (thirty four)
Popped in Oil 54 (fifty four)
Popped in Butter 40 (forty)
Cheese version 60 (sixty)
Caramel version 124 (one hundred and twenty four)

Astonished with the figure of caramel popcorn calories? And now, when you have learnt about the count, you must-have decided to avoid the second round of caramel or butter version. Don’t worry, there are some perks in the name of nutritional value. The table mentioned below lists nutritional value per 100 grams of popped corns.

Name of the nutrient Count or the value in 100 grams of popped corns
Protein 12.5 milligram
Iron 2.5 milligram
Riboflavin 0.11 milligram
Phosphorous 2.5 milligram
Vitamin B12, Thiamine 0.40 milligram
Calcium 7 milligram

The kernels are fully-loaded with vitamin E, B complex, proteins, calcium, iron and phosphorous. Additional to that, corns are rich in riboflavin and thiamine. As compared potato chips (universally loved snack), it contains more quantities of phosphorous. The story of nutrition does not end here. The protein content in kernels is a lot more than any other cereal, eggs, dates, peanuts and many more. Did you know, corns contain more amount of iron as compared to spinach?



Isn’t it amazing to know that popped corns are power-packed with vitamins? Vitamins are an essential micronutrient, which enhances human body’s immune system, supports all hale & hearty growth and helps the organs to perform their respective jobs. It is pretty clear it is a good snack as it provides the body with vitamins. Here is another amazing fact, 1/5th of the daily requirement of thiamine can be easily fulfilled with only 85 grams of popped corns.


As described in the aforementioned table, it is pretty clear kernels (whether popped or not) are a rich source of proteins. Proteins, better known to the world as the building blocks of the body, helps in growth (sound yet normal) and repair of the body tissues.


Yes, there is an abundance of that. Minerals are essential micronutrients which are vital for overall (both mental & physical) wellness of the body. As stated in the aforementioned table, popped corns contain generous amounts of phosphorous, calcium and iron.

Thus, snacking a cup of popcorn is a fair deal, a few calories and enormous nutritional benefits.

Pop Corncalories

Preparation and Ingredients Influence the Popcorn Calories

A tub of popcorn reminds everyone of the experience and fun with the near ones in a theater enjoying the scenes as well as pleasing the taste buds. They are light, tasty and the must have during a movie show. But only few people have ever realized the importance of considering the ingredients added to it and how this could have altered the food value of the serving entirely. Eating popcorn is always preferable for everyone considering the presence of healthy nutrients, including vitamin B, fibers, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus etc.

Preparation of popcorn – watch the calories in popcorn

Popcorn can be prepared using oils, butter or even try air popper. The difference of ingredients added during the preparation will only impact the popcorn calories. Here is a list of options that is generally employed in the preparation of popcorn along with the calorie information:

Non Hydrogenated Soya Bean Oil:

This kind of oil is generally used at the commercial centers to produce a buttery flavored seasoning on the top. Each tablespoon of oil added to the popcorn amount to 120 to 130 calories.

Hydrogenated Coconut Oil:

Popcorns prepared with hydrogenated coconut oil are also not good as far as the fat content is concerned. About 90% of unsaturated fat is found in popcorn prepared with this kind of oil.


If you are considering a no fat diet for weight loss, then the presence of calories in popcorn will severely affect your plan. It is surprising to see that a whole tub of movie popcorn is very high in calorie count amounting about 1200 calories just as good as the quarter pizza piece or at least half a burger. They are entirely prepared in butter and spices with savoring toppings to enhance the taste. The presence of saturated fat in such preparations amounts to about 60 gm per serving.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is considered the most important oil preferable for diet conscious people. However, this can greatly alter the calorie count when added to popcorn topping. About 2 tablespoon of olive oil seasoning will raise the amount to 250 calories.

Air Popped:

The popcorn calories in a packet of air popped preparation without oil or seasonings have only 30 calories. This can be an ideal part of your daily consumption even if you are following a very low calorie diet (500 calorie food intake per day), that can be a part of one serving in the evening with some beverage like tea or coffee without sugar. The fat count is negligible in such servings.

It is thus evident that a little alteration in the addition of different kinds of oils or butter can cause great variations in the calorie count in the popcorn. You need to consider the right kind of oil and its contents while preparing this tasty and healthy source of food. Though there are some essential nutrients in unsaturated fat present in the oil, those who are dealing with the problems of extreme obesity levels should consider avoiding them and opt out for air popped once until they have gained a considerable success with the weight loss initiatives.

Pop Corncalories

Popcorn calories unpopped

Popcorn is one of the most famous and munched snack across the globe and its popularity among the people is evident by having a close look at all the movie theatres. No movie buff seems to enter the movie hall without this bunch of salty and delicious snack. But sometimes while eating this wonderful snack, we come across a few unpopped kernels that usually prove to be a difficult task for our teeth to chew. These unpopped kernels are extremely hard and jaw-rattling and must have land up few of you in the dentist’s chair as well.

See unpopped popcorn

But have you ever wondered what is the real difference between the popped and unpopped popcorn, of course the popped ones are cooked and soft while the unpopped are hard and difficult to chew, but their main difference lies in their popcorn calories. It is interesting to know that these unpopped kernels are fondly known as ‘old bachelors’ or ‘old maids’ or even ‘widows’ historically. Popcorn calories unpopped are much more as compared to popcorn calories popped despite the fact that former is uncooked and latter is cooked.

What manufacturers do about unpopped popcorn

Most of the popcorn manufacturers have made this job easier to know the nutritional and caloric value of popped and unpopped kernels by giving information about both these cases otherwise on the packing of popcorns. It has been observed that calories in 2 tbsp of unpopped popcorn are equal to calories in nearly 2 cups of popped kernels, which is an astonishing fact!! The reason for this difference of calories is due to the fact that most of the calories in popcorn kernels get lost in the cooking process. Thus popped kernels have lesser calories than the unpopped ones.
The reason for this more caloric value is because the hull of the popcorn kernel gets shattered while cooking and it is imperative to know that it is the hull that contains more fat content than the other parts of the kernel. Popcorn hulls are made up of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and when heated these kernel expand in order to form what we call as edible popcorn or popped popcorn. The kernel usually expands to 30-40 times of its original size while cooking and almost all its nutritional value gets lost leaving aside popped kernels that are healthier to gorge upon.

Popcorn calories unpopped much more harmful

Thus it is evident that popcorn calories unpopped are much more harmful than the popped ones and thus whenever you have to make a choice between the two, always go in for the popped ones. It is also pertinent to know that popcorn calories are an integral part of popcorn kernels i.e. one can’t imagine popcorns without calories, sodium, carbohydrates and fat content but it would be rather wise to go in for a popcorn type that is not just delicious and tasty but also is healthy and nutritional. Popcorn is one of the most cherished snack and thus in order to keep its magic, always have a close look at its nutritional value especially when you are going in for buying your favorite movie theatre popcorns.

Pop Corncalories

How to Make Healthy Homemade Popcorn Calories

How would you explain the popcorn calories to your family members? Yes. We are talking about a very nice snack for any atmosphere. Well, it never hurts to make it at your home. Unfortunately, you have to be sure that you will make foods that are free of any risks. It is obviously very different from when you purchase at public places, such as in a corner of the theater.


Movie Popcorn


Well, here are simple ways to make it at home, while you can cope with the risks of homemade popcorn calories. Well, let us get straight to your kitchen and prepare the best corn to pops!


Wash Them Properly


First of all, you have to wash the corn seeds in cold water. Make sure that you are going to wash them thoroughly. It is to avoid such a risk of debris from corn seeds. You should not hesitate to make popcorn at home.




However, it will be safer than you have to take a lot of popcorn calories from somewhere else. Well, in the meantime, you can determine the amount of your food portions. Please choose based on your needs. Remember that this will be easy to run out of snacks. Everyone can eat it without realizing the time and place.


Prepare the Best Storage


So, you probably would be better to store it in the fridge. It will enhance the process of development as you make it. Of course, you also have a particular choice of popcorn calories for those needs. One thing that ought to be understood is that the flavoring ingredients. Generally, this will be easily found in popcorn movies. However, we know that you will make popcorn for a healthy menu. And, that means that you will not take any risks to your health. Perhaps, some people will add butter or salt. Meanwhile, one can also add peanut butter. For better results, you do not need to use them. You could add a little in a hot pan.

There are some people who make popcorn as a mere snack. However, there are many people who consider the purpose of these foods. You surely know that this is one of the best foods that will launch your health. In some cases, it will include anti-oxidants which could reduce heart risk. Meanwhile, the digestive system can run properly. So, please prepare a particular recipe that can restrict popcorn calories. You can estimate calorie levels based on the instructions provided. Do not forget to maintain the delicacy choice of corn beans.


So, you have prepared the dish in the popcorn. This is the most appropriate time to enjoy the corn. Well, you might be wondering about the right time to serve it. Actually, you will always be able to make it. And the most interesting thing is when you can make a menu for weight loss programs. If you read some of the references, popcorn is one of the important foods if you want to have a slimmer body. Just check on the best nutrition and you will know what you want. Of course, you must consider some important points related to popcorn calories.

Pop Corncalories

Consider the Risks of Popcorn Calories in Movie Theater

Avoid popcorn calories while you watch in a movie theater. Actually, you never know how you will eat movie popcorn calories. But, there are some facts that say that popcorn would be very safe for our body. In fact, it is one of the foods that can make our bodies become healthier.




Meanwhile, there are many people who take popcorn as a diet food. Then, why should you avoid popcorn in cinemas? Well, here are some brief explanations that hopefully will help you to understand the popcorn and calories.


Don’t Mix the Pop


The first will be a very simple explanation. If you want to live healthy, you can eat popcorn. But remember that it will be done in your home. Not just how you are going to order and wait for the delivery services at home. No. We are talking about how you will make the food itself. And it will be the best solution when you need a healthy snack. However, popcorn is a fun snack that will not adversely affect your health. Still, you should be able to ensure that it is corn that will not be mixed with anything. So, you can minimize the risk of popcorn calories. So, what is the problem?


Calories Fact


This is where we will be dealing with many challenges regarding food nutrition. You surely know that there are many differences when we buy food, or cook it yourself. Yes. Only you know how the process of creating your food is. Meanwhile, there are many places that provide instant popcorn. You only need to spend a little money, and you can bring a few cups. Unfortunately, you never know the actual process of popcorn. Things to know about popcorn calories are 1200 calories, 980 mg of sodium and 60 g of saturated fat. They exist in a large portion in a movie theater. And it happens because they mix with butter, salt, and some other flavoring ingredients. So, you will definitely consider that they are extremely delicious.


Certainly, it is a bad news because you will eat a lot of calories.




As a result, you may have a risk of cholesterol and so on. So, it would be reasonable when there are many parents who forbid their children to eat popcorn at the movie. It is a very sensible thing. In the meantime, we can be very busy enjoying the movie, and eat a lot of popcorn calories without any limitations.


Just to make it become clearer. Whatever you eat in public places, you will never be aware of certain risks. We have talked about the impact of excessive processed popcorn. Meanwhile, most people opt for instant ways. However, it is very pleasant when we can spend the weekend while enjoying popcorn. Unfortunately, it can get worse if we do not ever realize it. So, how to avoid it? Well, it is very simple. You can ask the seller to not mix it with salt. And, you can also order it personally, although you may not be able to get it exactly. So, please consider your options regarding popcorn calories in the movie theater.

Pop Corncalories

The Interesting Facts of Popcorn Calories

Look at how much debate about the popcorn calories. People always say that it is something that is very useless. Usually, people always assume that popcorn is a snack that can make you overweight. However, can you believe that it is just a myth? Indeed, snacking is a habit that is not good, especially if you eat too many unhealthy foods. Meanwhile, popcorn is often regarded as a trivial food that will only waste your time. But, you need to know popcorn nutrition facts.




In fact, you will be surprised when there are many benefits you can get from these foods. Well, can you understand it? Let us discuss it.


No Obesity Risks


The first fact is how when you eat popcorn, you do not have to worry about the risk of obesity. It is not just how you regard it as small granules which are very soft. Actually, you can find out the ingredients for the manufacture of popcorn. Did you know? Yes. It is corn. And we will never have a problem with corn as long as we do not mix it with other food ingredients. Just mention that you will add salt, butter or even cooking oil. The surprising fact is that you will only find 30 popcorn calories in one cup. Let us assume that it is about 11 grams. So, you have got no problem at all.


The Better Digestive System


Well, the problem is solved when you already know the popcorn calories. The next fact is how you will get many benefits, especially in your digestive problems. Generally, people take snacks for some groceries difficult. And it is a very bad impact when they have problems with the digestive system. It is different when you compare it with popcorn. However, this is a special snack which has a lot of fiber contents. So, you can take it anytime and anywhere.


As mentioned earlier, this is a food that has a lot of fiber contents.




That is because you eat the corn that has been processed in a simple. No chemical process altogether. The only interesting fact is that when you process the corn into pops. And, that is the reason why people call it. Well, if you are not going to have a problem with popcorn calories, you will have other advantages. You can feel full even you do not realize it. Well, you can try it. Try to munch popcorn as much as possible. You probably will feel very satisfied and reluctant to eat another dish.


Of course, you will be curious how other positive impacts are. According to some studies, popcorn is a healthy food that contains many antioxidants. That is the main requirements to make your body become healthier. Also, it will prevent from some of the risk of blood pressure. There is good news if you want to prevent the risk of cancer and heart disease. Take popcorn as a menu for dishes. It will be very exciting because you will eat different snacks with other diets. Well, if you still feel curious, you can compare the nutrients in other menus. Please find out how you can be a pleasant life without interference and risk of finding popcorn calories.


Pop Corncalories

Do Not Worry About Popcorn Calories

What are popcorn calories? Most people think that popcorn is a food that can make you fatter. Well, is that correct? Sometimes, you will never know the truth about the plain popcorn calories. Still, you tend to avoid these foods in a variety of occasions. We know that this is a favorite snack when you are in a movie theater. Interestingly, you can also make your popcorn at home, while family members watch television. So, let us go to the following key points.




First of all, you should know the calories of popcorn. After that, you must ensure that you will not make mistakes that can worsen your weight.


Low Calorie Snack


You need to know that popcorn calories are something that does not need to worry about. Actually, this is one of the low calorie foods. You can prove it from the amount of calories in six cups. They will not be more than 100 calories. And they only contain about 220 mgs of sodium. Unfortunately, most people still doubt how it will have no effect on their cholesterol. As a result, they are always hesitant to buy it at the movie theater or make it at home. However, it is very reasonable because people still have common perceptions.


Reduce the Cholesterol


The simplest logic is when you do not find a lot of popcorn calories, what do you get? Yes. You will not store calories in your body. And, the good news is you will not have a problem with cholesterol.




Basically, this is a snack that is extremely easy and fun to have every time. This would be the safest solution for you who like to snack. However, why it can reduce your cholesterol? That is because you will chew foods high in fiber. So, can you full longer. And of course, you will have a good digestion.

Aside from popcorn calories, what can we get? However, most people consider it as a simple snack that can be obtained easily. In fact, you must know that there is a popcorn movie term as a mockery in our society. However, it will not light as your food. Indeed, this is also not a staple of your diet. To make it easy, this is a food that will not need salt, oil, or butter. So, it would be very suitable for those who want to lose weight. In the meantime, everyone can easily make popcorn, a simple recipe with a lot of the best benefits for you and your family members.


In conclusion, you do not need to worry if you like popcorn. Basically, most people have similar concerns about popcorn as a snack. Every weekend, you can come to the Movie Theater and snack. Well, if it is popcorn, you can buy it as much as possible. Meanwhile, you may have other considerations to buy cooking ingredients. In fact, what you need? Yes. You will only need corn. That would be the simplest dish and would not take a lot of costs. Everything will be easy to serve, and you do not need to think more about popcorn calories.